Japanese pancake with chocolate


Today we made dorayaki that can be easily made with a hot cake mix.
Dorayaki usually sandwiches red bean paste, but it is arranged in a Western style with chocolate-like custard.
The custard is thick and perfect for soft dorayaki.
The remaining chocolate custard is delicious even if it is sandwiched between bread and chopped bread.

Ingredients :

▷ Material (4 dorayaki)
■ Dorayaki dough
1 egg
30g honey
Mirin 15g
50ml milk
100g hot cake mix

■ Chocolate custard
1 chocolate bar
1 egg
Soft flour 15g
Granulated sugar 15g
200ml milk

How To Make it :

1. Cut the chocolate bar so that it is easy to melt.
2. Mix eggs and granulated sugar.
Add milk and flour and mix and filter.
3. Cook custard over medium heat.
4). Add the chocolate from ① and mix.
5. Transfer to a chilled container, wrap tightly and cool quickly.

6). Mix eggs, mirin, and honey.
7). Add milk and mix, sift the hot cake mix and mix.
8). Oil the frying pan and bake the dough.
If it is not pinched immediately, wrap it so that it does not dry.
9. Completed with plenty of custard.

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