How To Make a Souffle pancakes with Yogurt


Today we use egg whites, which are often used for making sweets,
How to make a crisp and light souffle pancake.
Stock egg white can be used effectively.

With this amount, you can use about 2 egg whites and make 4 pancakes.
Even if it cools, the texture remains light to swoosh.
Because the amount of powder is small, it does not become hard and has a texture that melts.

The pancake itself has a light and light taste,
The red peach that was in the refrigerator but not sweet at all
Easily compote and attach,
I dipped honey from the top and ate it.

You can make compotes with your favorite fruits.
Since the percentage of sugar is small, about the next day
I think you should eat.

1 – Ingredients:

▷ Material (4 pieces):
■ Souffle Pancake
Yogurt 18g
15ml of milk
Egg white 70g (2 pieces)
20g of granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
20g flour

■ Summon compote
4 plums
Granulated sugar 30g
Lemon juice 5ml

2 – How To Make it :

1. Make pancakes.
Mix together 18g of yogurt and 15ml of milk.

2. Cut the egg white and add 20g of granulated sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice to make a smooth meringue.

3. Sift the meringue with the flour and mix.

4). Put meringue into ① in 2 steps.

5. Heat the frying pan over low heat and draw a thin layer of oil.
Place the dough so that it rises and add an appropriate amount of water.
Cover and steam.

6). If the surrounding fabric can’t be touched by your finger, turn it over,
Bake again on low heat.

7). Make a compote.
Roughly cut the fruit, add 30g of granulated sugar and 5g of lemon juice and cook over medium heat.

8). Simmer lightly, mixing occasionally to avoid scorching.

9. Put fruit on pancake and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Along with compote, completed with honey.

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