How To Make a Chocolate Pancake


A chocolate pancake recipe made with a hot cake mix.
The souffle type made with meringue is delicious,
This time, it ’s a fluffy and mochi-mochi type using whole eggs.

By putting yogurt in the dough, you can increase the amount of water rather than making it with milk or water.
The dough is moist and moist.
In addition, by adding mayonnaise, fats and oils loosen the binding of wheat gluten in the dough,
Mayonnaise acid reacts with baking powder in hot cake mix, which is finished softly

If you have resistance to mayonnaise. . If you are
It is recommended to add the same amount of melted butter instead.
Fluffiness can’t beat mayonnaise,
Because the richness of the butter improves the taste and the softness of the dough is about the same.

1 – Ingredients :

▷ Material
■ Pancake (5cm size 6-7)
1 egg
75 ml of milk
Yogurt 75g
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
150g hot cake mix
Cocoa 5g

■ Chocolate cream
Chocolate 40g
35 ml of milk
100ml fresh cream

2 – How To Make it :

1. Break the eggs apart. Add milk and yogurt and mix.
2. Add mayonnaise and mix.
3. Sift hot cake mix and cocoa and mix thoroughly.
4). Place the dough on a teflon frying pan and bake. It is early when the lid is closed.
5. Turn it upside down and bake the back side.
6). Chocolate cream
Melt the chocolate.
7). Add milk and mix.
8). Whisk fresh cream and add ⑦ chocolate cream in two portions.
9. Finished with pancake topping.

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