Pancake : Do’s and Don’ts of Making Perfect Pancakes

  • Since pancake is still considered a cake, then you must follow the correct measurements and ingredients that goes with each recipe.
  • When mixing the batter (dry and liquid ingredients mixture), use a large wooden spoon or large wire whisk to easily blend all the ingredients.
  • Do not over mix the batter! This will result to tough or chewy pancakes because the starch will develop more gluten in the process. Simply mix the ingredients until all ingredients are just blended.
  • It will help prevent lumps if you sift all dry ingredients before mixing it with the wet ingredients.
  • Using a griddle or heavy bottomed non-stick frying pan will save you the
    trouble of getting your pancakes to burn easily and stick on the bottom of the
  • Look for bubbles! When bubbles form on the pancake surface once you put them on the hot griddle or pan, then that is your clue that they are ready to
    flip or you can turn it over.
  • Do not press! When cooking pancakes, let them raise so you will have your desired fluffy pancakes. Pressing the pancake will make them flat and undesirable to eat.
  • Do not overcook! Remove the pancakes from heat once it is golden brown and cooked through. Prolonging the cooking time will also make them tough. Usually 2 minutes on each side is all you need to cook them.
  • You can replace butter with vegetable oil or applesauce for variation. Spraying the griddle or pan lightly with cooking oil spray will also help prevent the pancake from sticking on the bottom of the pan.
  • Pancakes are best served fresh from the griddle or while it is still warm.
    This will help melt the butter should you decide to add them on top and
    spread before taking that first bite.

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